Filippo Tommaso Marinetti

1. OLFACTORY PORTRAIT OF A WOMAN (Olfactory Poetry) The gate of the city of iron electricity coal, fire Smoke speed opens and drinks in like a mouth all the Infinitive green blue of the springtime morning I am the bitter tongue of the city in search of coolness to wander in the soft atmosphere Eyes shut nostrils open to wind with my striding body the ultra-elastic ultra-vibrant skein of perfumes odors It is she this fragrant highly nimble ovoidal volume of cool pink milky perfumes with above 3. 6, 9 spirals of extract of vanilla. WITHOUT SEEING HER TO SCENT HER, To the left roses roses roses roses To the right violets violets violets violets roses etc. 1000 tongues of odors of violets etc I scent but 1 do -not see her left hand which toys with a bouquet of sweetwilliams of sting-odors and paraphs of desire to caress passion etc. I scent but I do not see her right hand which toys with 3 bananas odor rot., 20 curves odors ten sweetness terror of of

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