Peter Neagoe

Early rise. Mother making pies. Sister goo-goo: eyes the Dago across the alley. Melchiore gmiles, olive oil spaghetti smile. . Nome de Dio I Wra.. . bellissima . Melchiore, passion shaken, Haps his arms, heaves the choking intake breaths. Swears Porco de Dio at rotting bananas in garlic must-drenched cellar. Bellisima leans out over the fire escape. Her milk-tint breasts, round and pink-tipped. smile at Melchiore from the open waist. Melchiores warm Italian blood, Sicilian sun heated blood. rushes fast, congests male passion-centers. Wra ... bellissima ! I catchem - I - ha, haha, haha. hahahaha ! Melchiore laughs, kicks at orange boxes, spits on demijon, swallows some Chianti, spits again and swears. Fil gli a di putana ! Wra ... bellissima ! And so the romance started - with an early rise. Sister leaned out over the fire escape, her lips moist, her throat taut, her thighs sleek fidgeting, her breasts pink tips bud-swollen. Viscous virgin

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