Charles Beadle

Three eyes four arms elephanted headed buddha bellied alabaster body bathed in pool blue light+ + Ganesha son of Siva+ + + serpent on lapis lazuli bosom in labour orgiastically+ + lays yellow blue eggs chosen meticulously by divine trunk+ + placed in golden crown+ + eggs burst + sound of falling mountains + + + baby snakes sweet with diamond eyes chromatic skins writhe ecstatically on sacred head+ + saturnalia of nice snakes+ + longing to suck+ + + they drill holes in skull+ + exquisite sensation cerebral+ + disappear crawling down wind- pipe++ down down through intestines thirty miles+ + bladder+ + o joy approaching+ + deli- cious laughter roars like midatlantic storm for weeks+ + first glorious snake of chalcedony head spotted with palish green dragons glides joyously into uretha canal+ + frolicking others follow+ + 2 4 5 6 7 8+ + illimitable numbers like swallow flights+ + emerge to rush into mo

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