Hiler, pere

Reetie--Ritie--Rotie--Ronquiotee Nice place to use the Rs-Wreeting-Writing-Writhmatiking. Well, anyways-I was coming out of the Saloon- Hess-Hay-Hell 2 double Hose and a Hen Speaking of Hens why dqes a hen cross the street------ Dont make any difference whether you Say it with flowers or do it with Bananasn--Whoca res. Speaking of flowers did you ever hear musical Anth (eil) ology by George--Verym odern, he uses a Zepplin it makes a sound like the Roaring Forties but its gorgeous. 1 listened in and as 1 said before it was an awfully cold night, way down below Fahren heit, the first thing I knew the spirits lampslight blew out-that didnt daunt me, daunt ever think that-the boy wasnt there this time. back into the salosn again for same more ink (Readink. Peni) . Nd ink in the fountain pen, makes no difference 111 write it in Hile (r) ogryphics. Oh, so handsome was Cleopatra, those milky eyes and such bosoms they were swell alright, what did Donquote whether he did with flowers or said it

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