Rue Menken

He went snap unspun like a top hot red fever yellow flooded on his brain lost forty years lost a pack of thoughts lost like a baby wriggled in his chair bit in his arm beat on his desk spit on his typist smashed on his hat kick ed at the door ton-gued at the elevator jerked downstairs—Teeth needed work felt he ought to eat ran up down street green eye looking slowedown walk Went to the station had to go to Omaha tune was Omaha went to the ticket office had to go to Omaha couldnt go to Omaha why not Boston Pittsburgh Singapore bought a ride to Dallas Women women women saw a lot o women thought hed like a harem thought hed like to whip em thought hed like to tear their clothes Brain yelled women legs itched women big red fire with a lot o singeing women itched to slap their bottoms Cracked like a cracker outspeed knowing cracked like a whip shoot up brain couldnt stop flashes of big belly little belly milk belly women Go

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