James T. Farrell

Jeff the fat jewboy...Jeff the fatass of Fifty Eighth Street...his mother looked like a blownup balloon with him in her womb.. .Jeff's birth.. .like the busting of a balloon.. .Jeff weighed too much from the start.. . Jeff grew heaviernheaviernheavier. . .Jeff went to Chedar.. .knew his lessons.. .but always had the devil whaled out of him. . .his ass was beaten blacknblue. . . Jeff the fat jewboy.. .Jeff the fatass of Fifty Eighth Strret.. .Jeff was always easy to laugh at.. .Big Fat Jeff waved his fanny thru life.. .Big Fat Jeff. Every day Jeff waddled to Carter School.. .everyday his fanny grew biggernbiggernbigger.. .the kids all told how fat an ass he was.. .Jeff wanted to be like the other kids.. .wanted to be one of them.. .he was too big and fat. . .Jeff tried to play marbles. . .he knelt down to shoot.. .got a dozen boots in the tocus.. .Jeff tried to make the little girls.. .Jeff stole money from home.. .bought the little girls candy.. .Jeff

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